Stab victim scarred for life after home attack

Livingston Sheriff Court
Livingston Sheriff Court
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A Stabbing victim lost a litre of blood and was left scarred for life after he was slashed in his own home.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard that Bruce Adams needed eight stitches in a three-inch cut above his eye and a further three stitches in a stab wound in his thigh as a result of the assault.

Fiscal depute Gavin Drugan, prosecuting, produced a victim impact statement in which Mr Adams said he was most concerned about the disfigurement to his face, which is visibly scarred.

Mr Adams’ attacker Derek Lamont, 45, pled guilty on indictment today to assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement

Lamont, 45, of Charles Crescent, Bathgate, West Lothian, admitted striking his victim twice with a kitchen knife and hitting him over the head with a bottle on October 26, 2012.

Mr Drugan said the attack took place in Mr Adam’s home in Bathgate after Lamont went there with his friend Peter Taylor to buy an off-road motorbike from him.

When Mr Adams told Lamont the bike had already been sold, the accused became “agitated” and started arguing then struggling with him.

As they slipped and fell to the floor, Mr Adams grabbed a knife off the worktop to “ward off or intimidate” Lamont and Mr Taylor and get them out of his home, but dropped the weapon in the struggle.

Mr Drugan said: “What’s then happened is that Mr Lamont has said to Mr Adams: ‘You pulled a f****** knife on me. I’ll start sticking it to you,’ or words similar to that.

“Mr Lamont struck Mr Adams above his right eye causing a seven-centimetre laceration that has penetrated the muscle.”

He said Lamont then got up and, while Mr Adams was still on the floor, stabbed him in the back of the left thigh causing a 4cm cut.

Mr Taylor managed to take the knife away from Lamont and put it in the waistband of his trousers, but Lamont then picked up a bottle and struck Mr Adams over the head with it.

The fiscal said paramedics who treated the victim estimated that he had lost around a litre of blood.

Sheriff Susan Baird called for background reports. Lamont will be sentenced later.