Student jailed for misleading murder detectives

Ex-partner jailed at High Court. Picture: Comp
Ex-partner jailed at High Court. Picture: Comp
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A STUDENT who was cleared of murdering his ex-RAF pilot partner in a knife attack has been jailed for attempting to defeat the ends of justice during the police probe into his lover’s death.

Darren McLauchlan,24, was caged for 12 months today for misleading cops who were probing the circumstances surrounding Steven Barrett’s death in Edinburgh last year.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how McLauchlan told detectives that Steven had been stabbed outside the property that they shared in the Scottish capital’s Lochend Butterfly Way.

The police launched a probe because they wrongly suspected that a killer was on the loose in Edinburgh.

The court heard that police resources were wasted during the initial stages of the investigation as officers spent time checking incorrect information.

McLauchlan, of Brentwood, London, was jailed by temporary judge Michael O’Grady QC.