Thug jailed over Simon San death goes on ’rampage’

Keir Rodger was jailed for his part in the death of delivery driver Simon San. Picture: comp
Keir Rodger was jailed for his part in the death of delivery driver Simon San. Picture: comp
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A THUG jailed for his role in the death of takeaway driver Simon San boasted on ­Facebook he felt ‘a rampage’ coming on just days before a terrifying high-speed chase.

Serial offender Keir Rodger wrote on his page, “Feel like goin on a rampage like, sick eh this s****” a week before he risked the lives of the public and police officers in a joyride.

He refused to stop for police and zoomed at 50mph down streets with a 30 speed limit. He also drove on the wrong side of the road and overtook on blind corners, causing motorists to swerve to avoid him. He also ignored pedestrian crossings and red lights.

At the time of the chase he had been released from Polmont YOI after serving half of a 26-month sentence for joyriding and housebreaking.

He was then given a “last chance” after racking up fresh convictions – including wrecking a house after breaking in to hold wild parties – in a move which sparked outrage.

By January 24, however, Rodger was ready for more – revealing his desire for a rampage on his social media page.

At the time, on January 31, Rodger, 20, who was disqualified from driving and had no insurance, raced around Great Junction Street, Ferry Road, Summerside Street, Summerside Place, Newhaven Road, Lindsay Road, Laverockbank Road and East Trinity Road.

The day before the car “rampage”, the callous thug – who has his initials tattooed on his neck – boasted online: “I’m better than everyone at everything.”

But Rodger was a little less boastful at Edinburgh Sheriff Court this week to admit the road traffic charges. Sentencing was deferred by Sheriff Nigel Ross for reports.

However the fact he should have been behind bars at the time of the offence has incensed Scottish Tory chief whip John Lamont.

He said: “This is a case in point that automatic early release does not keep the public safe, and does not help rehabilitation. When dangerous criminals are warned about their ‘last chance’, people expect that commitment to be followed through by the courts. This is clearly an individual who has no regard for the law or the general public, and has been let off lightly in the past. The only way the message will get through is by tough sentencing. ”

Rodger was again freed early from a 34-month sentence for his role in the attack on Mr San in August 2010, which had already been reduced on appeal to 24 months. After his release, he and others broke into a house in Penicuik on Christmas Eve 2011, ripping out light switches, fittings and fire alarms and vandalising walls.

Police linked saliva found on a wall to Rodger, who was detained in February 2012. Only days after being bailed, he was arrested for breaking into houses to steal car keys and leading police on a chase.

In June 2012, Rodger, then 18, was ordered to serve the remaining 158 days from his sentence for assaulting Mr San, as well as a consecutive 21-month term for the joyriding.

Mr San, 40, was killed by a single punch from 16-year-old John Reid, who was sentenced to five years’ detention after admitting culpable homicide.

Rodger, then 16, and 16-year-old Michael Roberts pleaded guilty to an assault on Mr San by rocking his car and forcing him to leave the vehicle outside his family’s takeaway in a case which shocked Scotland.