Thug who attacked innocent strangers is jailed

Craig Menzies. Picture: Alex Lawrie
Craig Menzies. Picture: Alex Lawrie
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A THUG who attacked two innocent men – leaving one lying on the ground unconscious – has been jailed for six months.

Craig Menzies, 26, launched the unprovoked attack on men twice his age as they were making their way home from a function at their local golf club.

Edward Whoriskie, 57, and Samuel Douglas, 61, had been walking along Linkfield Road in Musselburgh when they saw a drunk man – who was completely unknown to them – shouting in their direction as he crossed a road at around 1.10am on February 16.

The golfing friends tried to tell Menzies to leave them alone before he lunged at Mr Whoriskie, slammed him against a bus shelter and punched him to the ground leaving him unconscious.

The innocent victim suffered a wound to the back of his head which subsequently required five staples.

Menzies then turned to Mr Douglas whom he also punched to the ground leaving his victim with a badly bruised face.

The injured man also suffered injuries to his nose and ribs.

Menzies, from Musselburgh, appeared at Haddington Sheriff Court on Wednesday where he was sentenced to six months in prison for the unprovoked attack.

The court was told Mr Whoriskie and friend Mr Samuel were heading home following a night out at a function at Musselburgh Links golf club earlier this year.

Mr Douglas, 61, was then set upon by Menzies and was also punched to the ground during the random attack.

Following the assault, 
Menzies, a father-of-one, was seen by police officers standing over the two men before he ran off.

Menzies’ solicitor said his client was “extremely remorseful and regretful” for his actions and was “in a position to pay compensation” to his victims.

Sheriff Peter Braid, said: “There is no getting away from the fact that under the influence of alcohol you approached two men, aged 56 and 61, who were random strangers and you assaulted them rendering one of them unconscious.

“The only appropriate sentence is a custodial one.”