Vandals on wrecking spree target cars in nine streets

Vandalism along East Trinity Road and Cragil Terrace. Picture; Ian Georgeson
Vandalism along East Trinity Road and Cragil Terrace. Picture; Ian Georgeson
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VANDALS on a late night wrecking spree caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to cars parked on nine separate streets.

Police are investigating after the rampage overnight on Sunday which saw the windows of around 25 cars smashed in apparent random attacks.

Local residents are now counting the cost of the damage which is expected to run to thousands of pounds in total. Insurance excess fees means most will face a bill of at least £100.

One resident on East Trinity Road said: “I got to work and felt completely traumatised by the whole thing. And I am angry. I now have to foot the cost all because of some yobs.

“That’s £100 that I shouldn’t have to spend.”

Another victim said: “I had gone to work in another vehicle without realising what had happened.

“I got a call from my wife telling me the car window had been smashed in. I’ve now had to come home from work and clean the glass from inside the car and arrange to get the window fixed.

“And there is no rhyme nor reason to it – just random cars hit all the way along the road, it does not seem to be linked to the car’s worth or anything that was inside them.”

Eight cars on Cargil Terrace were vandalised, three of which had damage to both the front and back windows.

David Revesz who lives on the street and works from home, had not realised his vehicle had been targeted.

“I hadn’t been out to my car and I didn’t even know this had happened. It’s just mindless vandalism.

“It could be a lot worse but what is the point? Is it just for fun? Hopefully whoever has done this grows out of it.”

Peter Mchaffie, who was sweeping the glass shards on the road, said: “I had lent my car to my son, who had parked it here on Cargil Terrace.

“Worse things have happened but it is a real annoyance.”

Pools of shattered glass littered roads along the targeted streets which include East Trinity Road, Boswall Drive, Pilton Avenue, Ferry Road Avenue, Hawthornvale, Stanley Road, Darnell Road, Cargil Terrace and Boswall Green.

Margaret Lynn and daughter Joanna Cumming, came to pick up their car after parking it on East Trinity Road: “I thought I was leaving it on a safe street and I came back to pick it up and this has happened. It’s just terrible.”

Police are yet to trace the vandals are calling on anyone in the area who may have seen something to get in contact.

Inspector Shane McKenna of Drylaw Police Station said: “We are eager to trace those responsible as soon as possible.

“We would ask that anyone who was in the North Edinburgh area on the evening of Sunday, November 13, and saw this damage take place, to get in touch with us at their earliest convenience.”

“This is an appalling number of vandalisms and the sheer scale of the damage caused is completely unacceptable.

“Not only has a lot of damage and inconvenience been caused to large number of people, it has also caused a number of police resources in the North of Edinburgh to be diverted in order to investigate.”