Video: ‘Laziest thief’ robs shop across street

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A BRAZEN thief has been caught on camera taking just two minutes to carry out a night-time raid on a takeaway – just across the road.

The hooded man – dubbed Edinburgh’s laziest thief – can be seen leaving a stairwell on Gorgie Road and strolling over to the shop before climbing inside and escaping with a bizarre haul of money, sausage meat and cheese.

The man walks back across the road. Picture: Comp

The man walks back across the road. Picture: Comp

The CCTV footage shows the man casually sauntering ten metres back to the property, with stolen goods bulging out of his hoodie jumper.

Shop owner Karen Innes, 35, who has run the Good Food Takeaway for a year, said she was “disgusted” by the theft which cost her a £400 laptop, £1400 in cash as well as 20 burgers, a slab of sausage meat and a 2.5kg bag of grated cheese. And she has struggled to return to work knowing the thief may be nearby.

“The thing that’s bothering me is they could live across the road so I have got to look at the stair – it’s horrible,” she said.

“I’m finding it really hard coming in here now.”

It is thought the thief kicked through a cracked glass panel on the takeaway door allowing him to slip in and out at around 11.25pm on Sunday, June 22.

He is seen leaning against the shop front and glancing up at the camera before darting inside the takeaway and re-emerging two minutes later.

The burglary comes amid claims of a spate of break-ins across the Gorgie area.

Mrs Innes said thieves had targeted nearby charity shop Barnardo’s as well as a butchers and another takeaway in recent weeks.

The mother-of-three, of Broomhouse, said the theft had spoiled her dream of running her own business.

“We work hard to get this how it is so I find it really hard to come here every day and sit in the place,” said Ms Innes.

But despite a clear CCTV record of the break-in, Mrs Innes said the police have failed to retrieve the damning footage and “have not been interested” in investigating the crime.

The theft was reported at 5.30am last Sunday morning with a police unit visiting the premises eight hours later.

Mrs Innes said: “They eventually came and took my statement but that’s the last I have heard from them – they’ve not even come to pick up the CCTV.”

And she added: “There’s a serious problem here and the thieves are just getting away with it. The police don’t seem to be doing anything about this even though he was practically caught red-handed.”

A former senior police officer, who declined to be identified, said the recent spike in break-ins was a “major one” but there was hope of reversing the trend when thieves operated in this “silly” way.

“I’m really glad that they are still making criminals like that – it’s really good for detection rates,” he explained.

“It’s the clever ones you don’t want – I bet if you walk up that street you’d see him.”

He added: “If you are talking about your everyday bread and butter house break-ins you are most likely looking for someone close to hand.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Police in Edinburgh are investigating a break-in and theft from a takeaway on Gorgie Road.

“Investigations into this incident are ongoing.”

The incident comes as the Evening News revealed how break-ins across the Capital have soared by nearly 40 per cent in the first year of Police Scotland.

The figures showed that 11 properties were targeted by thieves every day in Edinburgh with officers solving just one in four cases.

It also follows Police Scotland’s controversial decision to disband the Capital’s dedicated housebreaking units – a move which was reversed in February.

Police figures show the clear-up rates during last year’s upsurge dropped by 8.4 per cent, with just a quarter of all break-ins being solved.

Police chiefs have insisted they are now winning the war on housebreaking with one in two cases being solved in the last three months.

Charity paying price for break-in

IN the same week as the Good Food Takeaway raid, a charity shop less than 200 metres away was targeted by thieves who tried to force a back window.

Emergency contractors have now boarded the windows of Barnado’s Scotland in Gorgie to secure the shop and its contents.

The charity has now had to fork out a “substantial amount of money” to make good the damage following the foiled burglary on Wednesday.

Deriel Loftus, area retail manager for Barnardos Scotland, said other shops in the street had suffered break-ins.

She said: “It’s people in the local community who support this shop by donating and shopping in it, and their contributions go towards helping vulnerable young people.

“It’s very disappointing that their generosity and the money they raise for the charity has to be diverted away from the main cause due to these sorts of acts.”