West Lothian man ‘disrespectful’ for wearing shorts to court

Paisley Sheriff Court.
Paisley Sheriff Court.
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A West Lothian man was given a dressing down by a judge esterday - for turning up to court wearing a pair of shorts.

Lee Houston, 27, was said to have been “disrespectful” by Paisley Sheriff Tom McCartney after he bared his knees in front of the lawman.

Houston was also wearing a t-shirt which had a massive hand making a rude gesture, which seemingly went unnoticed by the sheriff.

But his lawyer said he had been forced to make an unplanned wardrobe change after spilling juice on himself during the 40-mile trip from his West Lothian home to the Renfrewshire court.

Houston was previously given a Community Payback Order (CPO) at the town’s sheriff court for a rammy at a hotel.

It’s understood he got embroiled in an argument with partner Clair Grossart while spending a night at the Gleddoch House Hotel in Langbank to celebrate his birthday in January last year.

Sheriff McCartney said to defence lawyer David Nicholson: “Ask him why he thought it would be appropriate to come to court wearing shorts.

“Ask him why he thought that was an appropriate form of dress to wear. That’s very disrespectful to the court.”

Houston said from the dock: “I spilled juice.”

Sheriff McCartney then stood the case down to allow Houston’s lawyer to find out why he had come to court wearing shorts.

And, when the case recalled later, the lawyer said his client’s choice of attire had come from a mishap during his journey from Bathgate to Paisley.

Mr Nicholson explained: “Firstly, M’Lord, he’s asked me to express his apologies for any perceived disrespect as a result of his attire.

“His mother drove him here and he was properly attired in long trousers.

“During the journey juice was spilled on his longer garment.

“He required to take that other garment off – that’s why he appears before you the way he does today.

“It was not out of any disrespect to your Lordship of the court.

“There is a corresponding wet patch on the shorts and on his arm.”

Sheriff McCartney said “okay” when given the explanation for Houston wearing shorts – and decided to give him a chance to do the unpaid work.

He said: “What I shall do is continue consideration of the breach of the [Community Payback] Order and assign a further review in six months’ time, when I’ll have a report as to your compliance with the [Community Payback] Order.

“I note you’re due to start your unpaid work on Wednesday this week.

“I’ll extend the amount of time you have to complete the unpaid work by six months.”

Houston is set to return to the dock in November to learn whether or not the Community Payback Order will be revoked.