Curry house plans to put the burn into Burns Night

Abdul Ali serves up the haggis Kismot Killer to wife Riana
Abdul Ali serves up the haggis Kismot Killer to wife Riana
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A CAPITAL curry house has promised next Wednesday will be a third-degree Burns Night after creating the world’s hottest haggis.

The Evening News revealed last October, inset, how the Kismot’s “Killer” curry put two over-ambitious eaters in hospital.

Now chefs at the restaurant have created a blend of curry and haggis to celebrate the Bard’s birthday.

On Burns Night next week diners will be asked to put their stomachs to the test by trying a Kismot Killer haggis curry.

Those lacking the nerve to try the super-spicy dish will be able to opt for milder sauces, while haggis naan bread and neep and tattie bhajis will also be on the menu.

Abdul Ali, who runs Kismot, in St Leonard’s Place, said: “There’s going to be a lot of burning on Burns night.

“It’s without a doubt the world’s hottest haggis. It’s about bringing the traditional Scottish meal into the restaurant.

“It’s a symbol of Indian and Scottish culture coming together. I think we’re going to keep it on the menu permanently.”

Abdul and his wife Riana created the curry after she complained of not having enough of her favourite dish after the couple married four years ago.

Riana, 22, said: “I love haggis, it’s my favourite food. I had it loads as a kid but I’ve not had it that much since we got married.

“We like curry and we like haggis, and we wanted to put the two together.”

Abdul also hopes the blend of haggis and curry will introduce the traditional Scottish food to the subcontinent.

Abdul said he had trouble sourcing halal haggis so he used vegetarian haggis instead, though he added it tasted just like the meat version.

Riana, who works in a hospital, said: “If you like curries and you like haggis, you can’t go wrong with it.

“The only part of Burns night we can’t do is the whisky.”

Kismot is keen to avoid a repeat of the incident last October where two people were hospitalised after a curry-eating competition.

Contestants were challenged to eat bowls of the Kismot Killer in order to be crowned Scotland’s curry king or queen.

Emergency services had to rush to the restaurant after competitors started writhing on the floor in agony, vomiting and fainting.

Abdul said: “We do background checks on people that want to eat the Kismot Killer now.

“We ask them what they usually eat, look at their body language and so on. We obviously don’t want a repeat of people going to hospital.”