Cyclist goes extra miles for orphans

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A CYCLIST from the Capital who is working at an international boarding school in Switzerland is planning to take the long way home in aid of a Rwandan orphanage.

Ewen Hutchison, 23, is set to pedal the 1243 miles between Switzerland and Edinburgh Castle within 27 days, with all the money raised going to the orphanage.

Mr Hutchison, who grew up in Morningside, said: “Many years ago my father organised a Holocaust memorial in Edinburgh, and was then asked to co-ordinate an event in Rwanda marking ten years since the 1994 genocide.

“While he was there he got to know lots of the children at the L’Esperance Orphanage near Lake Kivu and we’ve been supporting them ever since.

“After the genocide so many children were left with no family whatsoever and new orphanages were opened all over Rwanda.

“However, now that nearly 20 years has passed, President Kagame is moving to shut them all down, saying they are no longer needed.

“While that may make sense on the face of it, a lot of the people who were killed by the genocide did not die immediately.

“Many women who were raped were infected with HIV and Aids is still orphaning children all over the country.

“The money I will raise will go towards making the orphanage completely self-sufficient, so it can continue its much-needed work for many years to come.”