Da Vinci rapist made threats to police that he may re-offend

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Da Vinci Code rapist Robert Greens has made threats to police about committing more crimes, a court has heard.

The 34-year-old has contacted police to tell them that he feels so enraged by the constant presence of protestors outside his home that he thinks he will re-offend.

The revelation emerged following a hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today in which Lothian and Borders Police won a temporary order to control his movements.

Greens - who was jailed in 2005 for raping a 19-year-old Dutch student in Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian, - is fighting an attempt by the police to have a Sexual Offences Prevention Order imposed upon him.

The SOPO restriction would grant authorities the opportunity to constantly monitor him - something which they say will stop him from committing more offences.

However, Greens - who is considered to be one of Scotland’s most dangerous sex offenders - says the order contravenes his human rights.

The hearing came just weeks after hundreds of people surrounded the sex attacker’s home in Newtongrange, Midlothian, calling for him to be moved to another location.

It also comes after it emerged that Greens must be housed in the Midlothian area - because every other local authority in the UK is unwilling to provide him with housing.

At court today, Lothian and Borders Police solicitor Andy McGlone urged Sheriff Isabella McColl to put Greens’ concerns to one side.

Mr McGlone said the force needed to have the SOPO granted to protect the public.

He added: “He has contacted the police and the social work department at Midlothian Council to tell them about how he fears that he will re-offend.

“The police have on occasion attended at his home to talk him down.

“The trigger factors for re-offending are present - he is currently experiencing feelings of rage, loss of control and feelings of humiliation.

“He is angered by the constant presence of 60 odd protestors outside his home. I would ask your ladyship to extend the order. It is necessary to maintain public order and safety.”

The court heard how L&B officers have received phone calls from Greens in which he told them that he was set to commit more crime.

Mr McGlone also said the Greens has threatened to confront his former wife, prompting concerns from officers that he could harm her.

Mr McGlone said that a family member heard that Greens was ready to leave his home and travel to see his estranged spouse.

However, they managed to contact him on his mobile telephone and persuaded him not to leave his house.

It also emerged that Greens currently sits in his home in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, with an electric tag being the only means of supervision from the authorities.

The force fears that without the imposition of the SOPO order visitors could come into his house and fall victim to a sexual assault.

They also fear that he could leave his home and travel to locations in Midlothian and Scotland and also commit more crimes of a sexual nature.

Greens solicitor Tony Kelly said his client had contacted police because he was concerned about the terms of the SOPO order.

Mr Kelly said that the order was so strict that Mr Greens was worried that he might break it and be returned to custody.

Saying that Mr Greens hadn’t threatened to break the law, Mr Kelly added: “He is virtually a prisoner in his own home. He contacted the police to seek advice about the terms of the order.”

Mr Kelly also urged Sheriff McColl not to grant an extension to the order.

However, she refused - and extended the order on a temporary basis until August 6, 2012.

Until then, Greens isn’t allowed to contact his ex wife, members of her family, not visit an undisclosed location in Midlothian and notify police about where he is travelling to.

Officers are also able to knock on his door at any time and he is obliged to answer their queries.

Sheriff McColl also said that the hearing on August 6 will determine whether the order is granted on a permanent basis.