Da Vinci rapist protesters to set up HQ in this old caravan

Campaigners will monitor Greens 24 hours a day from the caravan
Campaigners will monitor Greens 24 hours a day from the caravan
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A 24-HOURS-A-DAY surveillance caravan is to monitor the home of the Da Vinci rapist as protesters continue their fight to oust him from Midlothian.

One caravan has already been secured to act as the campaign headquarters. It will sit by the Bonnyrigg home of Robert Greens, while the search is on to find another to be set up outside the council offices in Dalkeith.

Robert Greens

Robert Greens

Campaign leader Sharon O’Donnell said: “We’re not moving until Greens is out.”

Both vehicles are to be painted bright green and feature the slogan “Rapist out Midlothian”.

They will be occupied by up to ten protesters around the clock in an attempt to prevent the authorities removing them.

It is also understood the wheels of the caravans will be removed.

Hot drinks will be dispensed from the cramped caravans and protesters will use smartphones to update online followers of progress.

There will be no beds, TV or other entertainment, with campaigners keeping a round-the-clock watch on Greens.

As the campaign picks up pace, merchandise including T-shirts and badges are also being made available.

Ms O’Donnell said: “The council needs to know that we are not going to give up. Our protest is going to continue through the winter – we have 14,000 supporters online and many more who haven’t signed up to our online campaign.

“It’s going to be really difficult for us to be moved if we have bodies in it 24 hours a day.

“We are not moving until Greens is out, and if things don’t change, every community in the county is going to be out protesting.

“Midlothian has become a dumping ground for sex offenders and it’s disgusting that Greens is here at all.”

Greens was jailed in 2005 for raping a Dutch student at Rosslyn Chapel.

A council spokesman said: “Robert Greens is from Midlothian and we are working with the police and the NHS to protect the public, as the law says we should.

“There was a long process before his return and we spoke to neighbours and others in the wider community as soon as we were in a position to do so to provide reassurance and support.

“We are continuing to meet with community groups and others and will continue to do so in future to explain things like how the law works in these kinds of situations and provide reassurance around the mechanisms which are part of the robust arrangements in place to protect the public.”

A Lothian and Borders Police spokesman said: “Any vehicle that is parked illegally, causes an obstruction or presents a risk to the public whilst on the road will be removed.”

The Caravan

Side: Will be painted green, with “Rapist Out Midlothian” slogan


• Ten protesters will be squeezed in at all times, to prevent the vehicle being towed away

• Fold-out bed will not be used for sleeping, with protesters planning 24/7 vigil

• Smartphones will be used to update the campaign website

• No TV/games

• Cooking area will provide protesters with hot snacks and drinks

• Wheels: Will be taken off to make removal more difficult