Darts star’s double blow as dad and Jocky Wilson die

Musselburgh darts ace Gary Anderson has spoken of his grief following the loss of his dad to stomach cancer – just 48 hours before his hero Jocky Wilson passed away.

Scotland’s top darts player was told the devastating news after playing in the Premier League on Thursday.

His dad Gordon, 74, had been battling the illness for two years.

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Gary, 41, reportedly said: “It’s a very sad time, an incredibly tough period. My earliest recollection is my dad cheering at the TV when Jocky won the 1982 world championship.

“From seeing that passion in my dad and Jocky, the sport got into my blood.

“I hope both of them are up there somEwhere sharing a pint and throwing a few darts.”

Legendary player Bobby George paid tribute and said: “He was a good player. He didn’t know when he was beaten. He could be 5-0 down and not know. It didn’t affect his game. He always carried on until the game was over.

“Some players want to go for the trophies all the time, but Jocky wasn’t like that.

“He won a lot of tournaments, but he didn’t push himself.”