David Bowie plea against Scottish Independence

David Bowie. Picture: PA
David Bowie. Picture: PA
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Veteran star David Bowie made an unexpected intervention in the independence debate when he used his victory speech at last night’s Brit Awards to urge Scotland to remain part of the UK.

The speech, read out on his behalf by supermodel Kate Moss, ended with the words: “Scotland stay with us.”

Meanwhile, a new poll showed the gap between Yes and No at just nine points.

The Survation poll – the first conducted after Chancellor George Osborne’s speech on the pound last week – found 38 per cent for independence and 47 per cent against, with 16 per cent undecided.

The poll also found 29 per cent were more likely to vote Yes as a result of Mr Osborne’s speech ruling out a currency union, while 22 per cent were more likely to vote No.