David Tennant slams Donald Trump ‘on behalf of the Scottish nation’

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Former Dr Who actor David Tennant has slammed President Donald Trump “on behalf of the Scottish nation”.

Tennant, who is best know for playing the tenth Doctor in BBC’s Dr Who, was not holding back when he made the remarks on the Last Leg programme on Friday night.

David Tennant, Picture: PA Wire

David Tennant, Picture: PA Wire

David said of Trump’s recent UK visit: “When he was over here and he was talking about England and he was saying ‘I’m going out to Scotland for my golf course in Scotland cause people in London are protesting but obviously [in] Scotland they really like me.’ Can I say on behalf of the Scottish nation, we f---ing don’t?”

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David, who stepped down from Doctor Who in 2009, has also recently won a top acting prize at the WhatsOnStage Awards.

Thousands of protesters gathered in towns and cities across the UK in July to demonstrate against Donald Trump’s visit to the country.

The biggest protest in Scotland was in Glasgow where police estimated around 1,500 people had assembled in George Square, while a smaller demonstration took place in Dundee’s City Square.

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