David Walker challenges critics to report him

Portobello Craigmillar Ward Councillor David Walker.
Portobello Craigmillar Ward Councillor David Walker.
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A COUNCILLOR who made a plea for leniency on behalf of a man convicted of a brutal assault has challenged rivals to report him to the Standards Commission rather than snipe from the sidelines.

Councillor David Walker requested a non-custodial sentence for John Lindsay, 52, who was jailed for attacking a man by pouring boiling water over his groin and setting dogs on him.

The Portobello/Craigmillar 
member said he was not aware of the “level of violence” meted out, but refused to apologise for writing the letter on 
council-headed paper.

He said: “If any member of this chamber thinks I acted inappropriately then they have the right to report me to the Standards Commission and perhaps allow them to make a judgement rather than being judged by councillors.”