Dechmont residents rallying round for one of their own

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FOR families living in Dechmont, the leaflets being handed out by police officers around the community centre were just another reminder that one of their own was missing.

While her large family waits nervously for news, the community has rallied together to help police find Heather. Residents have helped to form search parties scouring the fields for the missing mum, known to be a keen walker.

A Facebook page with the support of 7000 people has also been set up, while windows are dotted with the now all-too-familiar “Missing” posters, which have been tacked up across the whole of the area – in taxis, on buses, in shops.

Yesterday, several police officers were stationed at either end of the village. One, standing by the post office, asked every customer if they had seen Heather. Many furrow their brow, regretfully shake their heads, and move on with their day.

“It’s terrible,” says Sandra Cowan, 40. “I’ve seen her about the village. Things have been said, but who knows what’s happened.”

One commuter, 43, who asked not to be named, said he believes he spotted Heather at around 8.25am on the day she disappeared.

He says: “I stay in Linlithgow, but I was taking my son to school and we were running late. As I passed [Burnhouse Road, Dechmont], I saw a woman in a blue Berghaus jacket and jeans talking to a man and a woman. She looked a bit animated, but there didn’t look like there was any trouble. They looked like they were passing the time of day. I’ve told police what I saw.”

Resident Carole Cairns says: “Everybody is talking about it, it’s really strange. The longer it goes on, the more worried people are.”