diary of despair

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26 April 2003

Shortly after 4am, all buzzers on the intercom system were buzzed several times. Within a couple of minutes another very violent argument broke out, which resulted in a female screaming to someone to keep away from her and for him to get out of the flat. Several residents called the police and the young man was escorted from the building. Later on, the tenant’s friends, while watching a football match, were seen throwing empty beer bottles out of the window into the street.

15 May 2003

Several youths were heard going up the stair. One resident overheard them threatening to beat a Rock Trust employee on the day the tenant was to be evicted.

18 May 2003

A very loud argument began between the tenant and one of the visitors to the flat. The tenant got increasingly hysterical and more violent. She threatened ‘to chib with this glass’ someone if they came any nearer to her.

10 Nov 2006

Sounds of banging, doors slamming, a girl screaming ‘Let me out’ and sounding highly distressed. We phoned the police.

More people started to arrive at the flat. Shouts and screaming, progressively getting more desperate, along with more violent sounds coming from the flat, which sounded like people being thrown against doors, walls or furniture. More shouts from a female wanting to be let out. We then noticed a large smear of blood across the door on the flat.

Just before the police arrived, a female was heard leaving the flat in a very distressed state, sobbing and crying all the way down the stairs.

13 Nov 2006

As we arrived home from work at approximately 6.30pm, the tenant came to his front door. He asked if we had phoned and complained about him on Friday. We said yes. He then in a very threatening and alarming manner said, ‘Aye, well we’ll see.’ We reported this threatening behaviour to the Rock Trust and the police.