Dick and Dom thrown in at the Deep end

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CHILDREN’S TV presenters Dick and Dom went wild at Deep Sea World as part of a new series which is due to be broadcast next week.

The duo visited the North Queensferry aquarium to film features for the new series of Dick and Dom Go Wild on CBBC, which begins on Monday.

Deep Sea World is set to be featured in no fewer than five episodes of the series, with the pair filming sketches on diving with the sharks, feeding the piranhas, stonefish, seahorses and pacu.

Deep Sea World’s Aisling Thornton said: “It was really good fun to have the boys and the crew on site to film for the new series.

“We’re now all looking forward to seeing how it will look on television.

Dick and Dom Go Wild features Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood setting a series of animal-related tasks and challenges for young volunteers

Deep Sea World’s piranha feeding is set to be shown on Tuesday at 7.45am.