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A “PEOPLE’S referendum” has been launched to gather opinions on the future of the tram project.

The poll was launched by a campaign group yesterday morning and is aiming to get 1000 responses by the time the council meets on Friday. By late afternoon yesterday, nearly 200 responses had already been submitted to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WW3VGZS.

Areas covered by the questions include whether the line should go to Haymarket or St Andrew Square, levels of confidence in the city council and whether the project should be taken out of the control of council chiefs.

Organisers intend to submit the outcome of the responses to Lord Provost George Grubb on Friday. Meanwhile, a separate online poll on the issue is also being run by Radio Forth, asking respondents if they want to see the line go to Haymarket or St Andrew Square – or if they would like to see the project scrapped.