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Scottish ministers are considering a proposal from RSPB Scotland and others to charge shoppers a 30p deposit for bottled and canned products.

This would be an administrative nightmare.

Those in favour say charging for carrier bags was a success, but that was simple to operate by charging 5p at the till.

Scottish local authorities have already invested heavily in bottle banks and they are successful. If there is a charge for bottles then people will not use bottle banks but will queue up to redeem their bottles and cans.

More car journeys, more emissions.

How many people will clean the cans before returning them? Council workers could face redundancy, so what do the unions think of this scheme?

Households already have recycling bins which include cans and some also have bottle uplifts. Those who throw away cans and bottles will never be deterred by the 30p charge but increasing the littering fine to £500 would work.

Extra wardens on the beat would become self-financing and would stop the lunchtime throwaways, cigarette litter and dog fouling.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow