Doctor prescribes retirement remedy

Dr Ludovic McIntosh will keep busy in his garden. Picture: Gordon Fraser
Dr Ludovic McIntosh will keep busy in his garden. Picture: Gordon Fraser
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Dr Ludovic McIntosh, a long-established family doctor in Midlothian, is retiring after more than 30 years at Roslin Medical Practice.

Ludovic McIntosh was born in Edinburgh, but at the age of one moved to Belgium, where his father studied for a diploma in tropical medicine. The family later moved to what was then the Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) where they stayed for four years, returning to the UK when Ludovic was seven.

“We lived two degrees off the equator, surrounded by tropical rainforest,” says Dr McIntosh.

“I was taught by mother up until then and when we came back to this country, I had never sat at a desk before. My mother taught me to write rather than print, so I had to learn to print and then to write again – that’s my excuse for having illegible handwriting.”

After a spell in Newcastleton in the Borders, the family returned to Edinburgh. Ludovic went to George Heriot’s while his father, Dr Grant McIntosh, worked for a while at Edinburgh University, then got his own practice at Tollcross, and his mother, Grace, worked as a pharmacist at Simpson’s Maternity Hospital.

On leaving school, Dr McIntosh studied medicine at Edinburgh University, and went back to Africa to work in a hospital in Zaire for three months. After qualifying, he spent six years working in various hospitals, including the Capital’s Chalmers Hospital, City Hospital and Royal Infirmary, as well as Bangour General, in West Lothian.

He began at Roslin in 1981, joining Dr William Donaldson and Dr John Pope at 6 Main Street as a trainee, and joined the partnership the following year. He said: “The senior partner, Dr Donaldson, decided to go part-time and they asked me to stay.”

After Dr Donaldson retired, a new partnership was formed involving Dr Pope, Dr McIntosh and Dr Jackie McDonald, which stayed unchanged for many years.

Dr McIntosh was at the helm when the practice moved to a new facility on Penicuik Road. The number of patients has increased to more than 5000.

Dr McIntosh lives in the village and was a member of the first Rosslyn Chapel committee which began fundraising for the historic building. He and his wife, Fiona, have twin daughters Mairi and Rona.

Dr McIntosh is a member of the British Association for Immediate Care Scotland (Basics) and was involved in the establishment of the Roslin and Bilston First Responders.

Dr McIntosh, now 63, stepped down as partner from Roslin Medical Practice three years ago but continued working part-time to keep his hand in and to offer support to the new team of doctors. Now he has retired officially.

He is a fluent French speaker and hopes to improve his German. He also has a large garden to keep him busy.