Dog dirt crackdown: CCTV trap for lazy owners

Wardens Alison Brown and Doug Hounsell. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Wardens Alison Brown and Doug Hounsell. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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A CCTV van has been used to catch lazy dog owners not ­picking up their dogs’ dirt as part of a tough crackdown.

Environmental wardens went out in force following tip-offs from the public about the filthy nuisance polluting the shore on Cramond beach.

Patrols were carried out during both the day and evening in the recent 12-hour blitz to catch irresponsible owners at prime dog-walking times.

It led to five fixed penalty notices being dished out by council officers to those flouting the rules. Transport and environment chief councillor Lesley Hinds warned the behaviour of the irresponsible few would not be tolerated.

She said: “The success of this sweep of the Cramond foreshore has paid off, with five dog owners fined for leaving dog mess on the ground.

“The message is getting across thanks to regular ­operations such as this as well as the Dish the Dirt campaign, with around a dozen calls being made to the hotline each week, allowing wardens to ­target specific areas.”

Additional measures, such as no dog fouling signs, have been erected on the foreshore warning people of the £40-on-the-spot fines. Local volunteers have even undertaken a special litter-pick on the beach and grassy areas – handing out plastic bags to anyone caught out.

It is the latest clampdown by council bosses following the launch of the Dish the Dirt campaign in June. The Evening News teamed up with the city council in a bid to catch pet owners who insist on treating public spaces like a toilet.

We revealed how a team of 12 extra staff had been appointed to the council’s environmental warden team in a bid to rid the city’s streets and parks of dog mess.

Since then, the public has helped to highlight dog mess hotspots so enforcement ­officers can tackle troubled areas. Mike Crockart, MP for Edinburgh West, welcomed the action.

He said: “It’s one of those issues which I get a great deal in my post box about.

“If it has been successful in the Cramond beach area then the next are they should concentrate on is around schools.”

Stencils say it all

STENCILS appearing on pavements across the city are part of the Dish the Dirt campaign.

Wardens have been spraying pictures depicting “No dog fouling” to remind owners of the city-wide clampdown.

It is hoped the wash-away murals will encourage lazy owners to dispose of the waste correctly – by bagging binning the unsightly waste.

Call our hotline to report dog fouling: 0300 4563476

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