Dog sniffs out shop raider

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A TEENAGER who broke into a shop and was caught by a police sniffer dog has been jailed for six months.

David Colley, 17, was snared after the talented pooch was brought in to probe the break-in at Eastfield Newsagents in Penicuik, Midlothian, on November 30.

The animal picked up Colley’s scent and led police to a house where the teenage thug was staying.

After hearing how Colley had previous convictions, Sheriff Mike O’Grady said he had no other option but to jail him.

He said: “He has shown himself to be unable to comply with any other previous court orders.”

Colley, a prisoner of HMP Saughton, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering the newsagents and stealing chewing gum before Sheriff Elizabeth Jarvie at an earlier hearing.