Dog-walker snaps picture of Loch Ness monster - on land

The Loch Ness monster
The Loch Ness monster
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Maybe its Sod’s Law, we spend decades looking for Nessie in the Highlands and then it turns up in Stirlingshire!

A dog-walker has sparked heated discussion after his tongue-cheek suggestion that he may have found a ‘land relative’ of the legendary sea creature during a stroll.

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Jimmy Wright of Killearn posted that he had spotted the ‘creature’ whilst walking on Crow Hill in the Stirlingshire village.

Some speculated that Jimmy’s picture showed a treetrunk, or even a different animal like an otter.

The photo does resemble a treetrunk, possibly edited to show a dinosaur head, but we wouldn’t want to cast aspersions on the amateur Nessie-Hunter.

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Jimmy told the Stirling Observer that he was just pleased that he had given people a bit of an secape from bad news.

He also agreed to donate £100 to charity once a suitable name for the creature is suggested by a local resident, with ‘Nessie Dorma’ the current leader.

It was revealed earlier this year that there had been no ‘sightings’ of the Loch Ness Monster for eight months, despite 2016 being a relatively prolific year for claims that the beast had been spotted.

Over a thousand sightings of Nessie have been logged since a register was first launch around 20 years ago.