Don’t make residents pay price of airport expansion

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I am very happy now at not having to listen to any low-flying, noisy aircraft after five months of intrusion.

They have been flying over our houses in South Queensferry from 6am till after midnight most days. It has been a living hell and I don’t think people in Edinburgh realise that those of us in South Queensferry have been badly affected by this noisy trial for this proposed flight path which we certainly don’t want.

Places I have seen mentioned constantly as being affected have been Uphall, Dechmont and Ochiltree – no mention of South Queensferry or surrounding areas. I don’t think people realise that South Queensferry is not in West Lothian, it comes under Edinburgh as we have to pay Edinburgh Council Tax and not West Lothian’s which is cheaper.

I realise the airport is all about expanding and enticing more tourists to fly here, but at what cost to us residents? The loss of our peace and quiet and our sanity if this new flight path is ever given the green light. I for one hope and pray it does not, for all our sakes.

Name and address supplied

Labour let Scots down by voting with Tories

John Higinbotham’s claim that we hold the power to restore tax credits (Letters, November 10) was fatally undermined during the House of Commons Scotland Bill debate.

Despite hearing David Mundell, pictured, confirming that there is no guarantee that the Tories will not take back any top-up made to tax credits and other benefits, thus leaving Holyrood hundreds of millions out of pocket but the victims no better off, Ian Murray and all the Labour MPs joined with the Tories and voted against devolving tax credits to the Scottish Parliament.

Labour’s magic money tree can’t keep sticking on plasters every time George Osborne comes up with more cuts unless he thinks Scotland alone should pay twice for Tory policies.

The Scotland Bill, if enacted, will leave the Scottish Parliament in control of only 30 per cent of Scotland’s tax revenues and of a mere 15 per cent of welfare. There are no plans whatsoever to give the Scottish Parliament full control over any of the big five taxes we could use to restructure our economy and make decent welfare provision.

During the Scotland Bill debate the Labour deputy minister for Scotland, Wayne David, admitted that the Smith Commission / the Vow had not been delivered in full and in May’s general election 56 SNP MPs were elected on an anti austerity and more powers ticket but Scotland’s voice has been completely ignored by Labour and Tory MPs at Westminster.

Fraser Grant, Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh

Thank goodness Leith trams will be vetoed

Common sense at last. With the council considering firing council staff because they are in so much debt thank goodness the SNP will veto farcical plans to extend trams to Leith.

If alloweed, they would take the city into even more financial debt.

A Forrest, Bellevue Road, Edinburgh

Be aware of the signs of pancreatic cancer

Tragically, just five per cent of people with pancreatic cancer in Scotland live for five years or more after diagnosis, and almost 800 people in Scotland die of the disease every year.

Tomorrow is World Pancreatic Cancer Day so I would like to invite your readers to know the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and help us spread the word about this dreadful disease, because in Scotland, as across the rest of the world, we simply don’t know enough about it.

Yet if more people were aware of the potential symptoms, which include tummy pain, itchy skin or eyes or yellow skin, unexplained weight loss and oily floating poo, more people could be diagnosed earlier. And we know that the earlier people are diagnosed, the longer they are likely to live. Your readers can find more vital information at

Dianne Dobson, Pancreatic Cancer UK nurse specialist

Time to weed out corruption at council

I have been reading about the whistleblowing scandal at Cameron House with both interest and disappointment. Yet another scandal surrounding a city council department. How much corruption can there be within one institution? And how much does there have to be before someone – perhaps the Scottish Government – steps in and sorts it out.

My heartfelt goodwill goes to Mr Travers who seemingly has managed to retain a job and continue in service to this city – at least one council worker who is not up to no good then! The alleged witch hunt that followed his expose is an utter disgrace and I am mightily glad they didn’t get away with it.

Some excellent investigative journalism from the News’ John-Paul Holden – well done and keep digging!

Veronica Noble, Morningside, Edinburgh

‘Disregarding views’ works both ways

In her column Helen Martin criticises Westminster for “disregarding the majority views of the people of Scotland”. Talk about pot and kettle!

As a member of the SNP perhaps she can tell us when they are going to pay attention to the people of Scotland who by a sizeable majority voted to remain in the UK?

Ian Lewis, Mayfield Terrace, Edinburgh