Doomed cat lost claws fighting for life

Scottish SPCA
Scottish SPCA
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A CAT which died after becoming trapped in a tilted window tried so hard to free itself that it had no claws left.

The Scottish SPCA is now urging pet owners to be cautious about leaving tilted windows open.

The animal welfare charity were called to Redhall Drive after a local resident spotted the ragdoll cat hanging from a window.

The female cat had tried to get through a small gap and become stuck, resulting in severe spinal damage, on Monday.

The window could not be opened without closing it first and the feline was only freed after the SSPCA called the fire brigade.

Sadly, the veterinary advice was that due to the extent of her injuries the only option was put her to sleep to end any further suffering.

Animal Rescue Officer Connie O’Neill said: “This was a very tragic case. The cat had struggled to such an extent that she had no nails left and I can only imagine her fear and distress as she hung there trapped.

“The pressure being wedged put on her lower half was so severe that she was left with serious spinal damage and there was no way she would have been able to recover from her injuries.”