Dory is lucky to be off the hook

Owner Fiona Marsh, with Dory, holds the offending hook
Owner Fiona Marsh, with Dory, holds the offending hook
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A DOPEY dog has had a lucky escape after eating a razor- sharp fishing hook while out for a walk on a beach.

Fiona Marsh, 32, was out exercising her three-year-old spaniel Dory when she spotted a fishing line hanging from the family pet’s mouth.

Dory was left writhing in agony and foaming at the mouth after gobbling up the discarded hook on a beach near to Prestonpans.

Distraught Fiona rushed the dog to a local vet and ended up paying more than £450 for a life-saving operation.

The mum-of-two and animal groups have now urged fishermen to be aware of the dangers of leaving their used fishing hooks lying around.

Fiona, of Musselburgh, said: “I was absolutely distraught when I saw Dory had a fishing line hanging from her mouth.

“She began foaming at the mouth and I knew something was terribly wrong. I rushed her straight to the local vets, who took an X-ray and spotted the large hook, which was about two inches long, embedded in her stomach.

“She went through a two-hour operation, has had numerous stitches and, luckily, she is now on the road to recovery.

“I just want to highlight the dangers to fishermen who leave their hooks lying around. It’s a really dangerous act and something needs to be done about it before someone’s pet is killed.”

Dory has now been banned from any kind of walking for the next ten days and has been forced to wear a “lampshade” collar as she recovers from her ordeal, which happened last Saturday.

David Gordon, of Gordon’s Veterinary Group, said: “It was a lucky dog because the hook got all the way to its stomach. It was a sizeable hook and often these things get caught on the way down.

“If it had got stuck in its oesophagus it could have caused real problems.”

Scottish SPCA superintendent Mike Flynn added: “Discarded fishing tackle can be a potential death trap for animals.

“This spaniel has had a very lucky escape. We would urge all fishing enthusiasts to ensure that they clear away all fishing lines and tackle after use.”