Doughnut hybrid yumdough hits Edinburgh

Alicia Simpson tries the Waitrose yumdough. Picture: Greg Macvean
Alicia Simpson tries the Waitrose yumdough. Picture: Greg Macvean
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THERE is no doubt that 2013 was the year of the Krispy Kreme doughnut in the Capital, with sweet-toothed fans descending on the Hermiston Gait outlet in their tens of thousands.

But today, there is a new kid on the bakery block intent on muscling in on the action – the yumdough.

The treat combines the doughnut and the yum yum, and follows in the footsteps of other hybrid snacks such as the cronut, a calorie-laden creation from the bakeries of New York which is half-doughnut, half-croissant, and the duffin – which mixes the greatest assets of the doughnut and the muffin.

While the yumdough was launched at 40 Waitrose outlets across the UK last year, it has only now arrived in the chain’s Morningside outlet, making its city debut.

The yumdough is available at the bakery counter with a price tag of £1.49, and shoppers will have a choice of chocolate and orange, lemon, butterscotch and raspberry and vanilla flavours.

Store bosses hailed its arrival, saying it combined the best features of both pastries and described yumdoughs as “bundles of deliciousness”.

However, from its sugar coating to its sweet filling, the treat is definitely not one for those sticking to a new year diet, and healthy eating experts today issued warnings over the treats, with each boasting up to 432 calories and 25g of fat.

Emma Conroy, of Edinburgh Nutrition, said the confection should be enjoyed only in moderation.

She said: “This is not a ‘snack’. An average woman requires 2000 calories per day, so a single yumdough represents nearly a quarter of her daily calorie allowance, and a full third of her daily fat allowance.

“No doubt there is a lot of interest in this new creation, and indulgent treats can of course be part of a balanced, enjoyable diet, so I’d advise those who are curious to buy one to share. The raspberry vanilla one has the fewest calories, at 345.”

The launch of the delicacy follows in the footsteps of the Krispy Kreme craze which gripped Edinburgh following the opening of the doughnut chain’s first Capital store.

The opening caused long tailbacks on the M8 and City Bypass and police had to be drafted in to control traffic. Special wardens were even called in to stop doughnut-daft snack lovers from skipping across the busy access road to get their fix.

Within six months of the store opening last February, five million doughnuts were sold, one every three seconds.

David Lincoln, branch manager of Waitrose Morningside said: “Our customers love to try something new and we know they’ll love this combination of their two favourite bakery treats.

“The dough has 144 layers and gooey pockets of fillings in four different flavours, from zingy lemon to rich chocolate and orange fondant. We’re confident the yumdough will be a hit with Waitrose customers in Morningside.”

Here’s Alicia’s verdict

ALTHOUGH strange baking hybrids have recently become somewhat fashionable, I had never had the privilege of tasting the cronut or the duffin.

Today, however, I got to try Waitrose’s new yumdough, the latest fancy bakery delight to hit the streets of Edinburgh and one that’s expected to be a big hit with shoppers at the store in Morningside.

It is a doughnut and yum yum hybrid, a combination which sounded delicious but, to be completely honest, it both looked and tasted almost exactly the same as a doughnut. According to Waitrose, it is a doughnut with layers, though realistically it just looks like an enlarged, slightly mis-shapen version of your regular doughnut.

That said, they did look pretty, with colourful icing sugar and decorative pieces of fruit peel, and the overall taste was good, if you have a very sweet tooth. I wouldn’t necessarily turn another one down if I was offered but, given the cost, I’ll probably be sticking to the Greggs doughnuts.