Drinker fined for racist rant

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A PUB-GOER launched into a racist rant because he thought Polish people had stolen his mobile phone.

Alan Burgess had been escorted home by police after he refused to leave the Livery Lounge in Bathgate, West Lothian.

Officers waited outside his flat to make sure he didn’t carry out his threat to go back to the bar.

Livingston Sheriff Court was told that after a few minutes Burgess came out of his flat acting aggressively. He shouted: “I hate the Polish and they steal all the f****** jobs.”

Even after he was arrested he continued to shout abusive remarks.

Burgess, 47, of Bathgate, West Lothian, appeared for sentence yesterday. He earlier pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner by using racially offensive language outside his home on March 10. He was fined £235.