Dumbiedykes flats evacuated over ‘deliberate’ fire

The fire at Dumbiedykes. Picture: Jabi Ruiz
The fire at Dumbiedykes. Picture: Jabi Ruiz
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A BLOCK of flats in Dumbiedykes was evacuated this morning after a 4am blaze which appears to have been started deliberately.

Police confirmed that they are investigating whether the fire at number 22 Dumbiedykes was arson related.

The fire brigade at Dumbiedykes this morning. Picture: Jon Savage

The fire brigade at Dumbiedykes this morning. Picture: Jon Savage

Previous fires broke out in drying areas nearby on Sunday and Monday nights.

They are investigating the latest incident and may now examine whether the previous two are linked.

Police confirmed that the latest fire, which spread through the second and third floors of a drying area of the block “appeared to be suspicious”.

More than 25 fire fighters battled for several hours to bring the blaze under control as it ripped through timbers and into the attic.

Firefighters at the scene. Picture: Jon Savage

Firefighters at the scene. Picture: Jon Savage

It also caused damage to the inside door of one of the flats which “appeared to be unoccupied”.

A landlord, who said he owned two of the flats, rushed passed fire fighters this morning to check on his tenants and property.

The source of the fire appeared to include a mattress and rubbish which had been left against the timbers of a drying area.

The fire started on the third floor close to the communal stairwell and spread to the fourth floor.

A spokesman for the fire service said the fire was “most likely started deliberately” but the investigation was ongoing.

He said that the police were now involved though most of the investigation would be left in the hands of the local authority.

At least one of the 18 flats had been damaged in the fire, while others may have suffered from some water ingress from the fire hose.

The fire service received 14 calls from concerned people over the incident.

The first call came in the early hours of the morning and fire fighters were still in attendance at 8am.

Two fire engines from two stations attended but a service spokeswoman said that such was the severity of the blaze that “additional resources were deployed immediately.”

A service spokeswoman said: “More than 25 fire fighters from across the city were in attendance. The first call arrived at 3.55 but we received 14 calls from members of the public.

“The fire was in the stair area of a six story block of flats.

“When fire fighters arrived it was well-developed in the third and fourth floors.

“After searching all areas of the building to make sure there was no one left inside, firefighters used hoses and breathing apparatus to bring the blaze under control.”