Earthquake rattles Midlothian

The earthquake was felt in Penicuik. Picture: Greg Macvean
The earthquake was felt in Penicuik. Picture: Greg Macvean
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A 2.2 magnitude earthquake has hit south of Edinburgh – smashing chimney pots, rattling windows and causing animals to flee.

Residents said picture frames fell from the walls of shaking homes during the tectonic incident, which lasted for nearly a minute and was felt across Midlothian.

According to experts at the British Geological Survey, the earthquake kicked off at 9.23am on Thursday morning, and its epicentre was located at Howgate – just south of Penicuik.

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The tectonic shift began some 3km underground.

Penicuik locals took to social media in search of answers, with some likening the earthquake to “a very loud lorry” or an aeroplane.

One Howgate resident said: “My dogs ran through from the kitchen at that time. Something had scared them. There was a crash and I couldn’t figure what it was.”

Another added: “I heard a bang and I thought my chimney had collapsed. The sound made the cats bolt off, and they didn’t come back for hours.

“I went outside to check, and our chimney pot fell and completely shattered.”

This isn’t the first time Penicuik residents have been forced to cope with small earthquakes.

In 2007, an even bigger earthquake hit the town from nearly 5km below ground.

Local police said they received a number of calls from concerned residents concerned that there had been an explosion.