East Lothian artist to appear on Countryfile

An East Lothian artist's work will be showcased on national TV when she appears on BBC's Countryfile.

Friday, 9th March 2018, 3:46 pm
Updated Friday, 9th March 2018, 3:48 pm

Inspired by nature, artist Pascale Rentsch creates unique handmade and designed ceramic pieces and is undeniably passionate about her work.

Her ceramics are crafted with her own hands at her Haddington studio, but it is in the great outdoors where the magic really happens.

Using her observations she paints directly on to the ceramics incorporating natural materials such as willow and wood to give her pieces an original appearance.

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Pascale said: “To see a beautifully presented seaweed composition washed up at a beach and gently arrange by the rhythmic clash of the waves, moves me deeply.

“Nothing to be changed or added but to capture this intense beauty that nature has created. I hear the gentle sound of the waves in the background whilst I draw and paint in awe of what I see.”

The talent of the 42-year-old has been recognised by BBC bosses who arranged to see her in action at Gullane Beach as part of Sunday’s episode of Countryfile - incorporating The Lothians and the Borders.

Countryfile co-host Anita Rani was among those in attendance to get a closer look into the how the artist, originally from Switzerland, works where she is most comfortable.

Pascale said: “I got a call in early February asking if I would appear on the show and I couldn’t believe it. They wanted to film me doing my work outside on the beach and we spent all morning out there. It was a beautiful day before the snow appeared.

“To create a vessel out in the open is fantastic. All the colours are just magical and help me create something special.

“Being outside gives you the chance to use your feelings and reactions to things within your art. We also spent one hour filming in my studio later that day.

“I was so nervous beforehand but when I got started I was so happy and free.”

Pascale's ceramic works

Things didn’t quite get off to the best start for Pascale when she locked her keys in her car when the film crew arrived.

The mum-of-three said: “I went back into my car to show them some of my work and left my key in the car. It locked and I couldn’t believe it. My husband was abroad and I had no other way of getting in.

“I called a local garage and they knew a firefighter who came out with special equipment to unlock the car and save the day.

“It would have been a disaster. It definitely gave me time to get to know the crew and we bonded well.

Some work inspired by Buckthorn berries

“I had an unforgettable day with the team working outside under blue sky and talking about my passion of creating out in the field.”

The Countryfile episode featuring Pascale and East Lothian will be broadcast on BBC One on Sunday at 6.30pm.

Pascale's ceramic works
Some work inspired by Buckthorn berries