East Lothian Council candidates 2012

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1. Musselburgh West (3 cllrs)

Robert FAIRNIE Independent

Jack FRASER Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Katieb MACKIE Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Fraser MCALLISTER Scottish National Party (SNP)

Johnnie MCNEIL Scottish Labour Party

Barry John TURNER Scottish Liberal Democrats

John Charles WILLIAMSON Scottish National Party (SNP)

2 Musselburgh East & Carberry (3 cllrs)

John Murray CALDWELL Independent

Stuart McDonald CURRIE Scottish National Party (SNP)

Judith DUNN Scottish Labour Party

Andy FORREST Scottish Labour Party

Fred LAWSON Scottish Conservative and Unionist

3. Preston/Seton/Gosford (4 cllrs)

Steven BROWN Scottish National Party (SNP)

Lachlan BRUCE Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Willie INNES Scottish Labour Party

Margaret LIBBERTON Scottish Labour Party

Peter Robert MACKENZIE Scottish National Party (SNP)

Gordon NORRIE UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Hugh REID Scottish Liberal Democrats

4. Fa’side (4 cllrs)

Robert McNab COWE Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ruth Catherine Linn CURRIE Scottish National Party (SNP)

Jim GILLIES Scottish Labour Party

Shamin AKHTAR Scottish Labour Party

Donald GRANT Scottish Labour Party

Darren MALEY Scottish Liberal Democrats

Kenny MCLEOD Scottish National Party (SNP)

5 North Berwick Coastal (3 cllrs)

David Stuart BERRY Scottish National Party (SNP)

Tim DAY Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Jeremy Douglas FINDLAY Independent

Jim GOODFELLOW Scottish Labour Party

Ronnie GURR Scottish National Party (SNP)

Stuart Leitch MACKINNON Scottish Liberal Democrats

6. Haddington & Lammermuir (3 cllrs)

David BARRETT Independent

Ludovic BROUN-LINDSAY Scottish Conservative and Unionis

Oluf George MARSHALL UK Independence Party (UKIP)

John MCMILLAN Scottish Labour Party

Kelvin Logan PATEScottish Liberal Democrats

Tom TROTTER Scottish National Party (SNP)

7. Dunbar & East Linton (3 cllrs)

Hayley FLANAGAN Scottish Labour Party

Norman HAMPSHIRE Scottish Labour Party

Isobel Margaret KNOX Scottish National Party (SNP)

Paul Stewart MCLENNAN Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ann Burt TAYLOR Scottish Liberal Democrats

Michael George VEITCH Scottish Conservative and Unionist