Edinburgh Brothel: Crops were for ‘horse-riding’

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ROBERT Munro tried to explain away the discovery of two riding crops in the flat. Munro told police they belonged to himself and Margaret Paterson, adding: “We occasionally got the chance to go horse-riding.”

When asked why they appeared “relatively new and undamaged”, Munro said: ”We hardly ever used them.”

“Do you often take your own equipment horse-riding?” asked an officer. “Yes. All the helmets and stuff like that. It was a long time ago,” Munro replied.

Capital’s other famous madam

MARGARET Paterson now joins the ranks of Edinburgh’s other famous madam, Dora Noyce.

Dora also ran her brothel in salubrious surroundings at 17 Danube Street in Stockbridge. An archetypal matron, she presided over the business from the end of the Second World War until her death, aged 76, in 1977. She detested anyone referring to the property as a brothel, preferring to call it a “house of leisure and pleasure”.

Dora is reputed to have made a small fortune. Despite being charged 47 times for living on immoral earnings and a spell in prison in 1972, business boomed and she enjoyed a good rapport with neighbours.