Edinburgh Fringe: Comics get fashion makeover

Funny style: Phil Ellis,  Ian Smith, Katy Mulgrew, Bobby Mair,  Suzy Bennett,  John Robins,  Michael Che.
Funny style: Phil Ellis, Ian Smith, Katy Mulgrew, Bobby Mair, Suzy Bennett, John Robins, Michael Che.
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WE took seven comedians and gave them a quick makeover to encourage everyone to dress up for the Edinburgh Festival.

The festival creates a carnival atmosphere throughout its cobbled streets as greats from the world of acting to comedy become residents for a few weeks.

However over the last few years I have noticed a slip in standards on the style front. In our tented outside bars a sea of middle-aged men resemble overgrown toddlers dressed in bashed trainers, three-quarter length shorts and the latest novelty T-shirt, be it band or brand related.

The ladies fair a little better for fear of standing out in a causal crowd, outfit choices are much more conservative.

It simply has to stop, after all if you can’t get dressed up for a night out then when can you?

The change must come from the front line. By that I mean the person on stage. Acts are responsible for setting the tone to their gig. So by sprucing up seven comedians taking to the stage this Fringe, I’m hoping to kick-start a smartening up movement fit for the 

Thanks to The Caledonian Hotel for providing the photo shoot location.


Show: Ian Smith: Anything, Pleasance Courtyard

Shambolic and trampy were the words used by Ian when describing himself. Some Vivienne Westwood sorted that right out. Ian wears: Vivienne Westwood jacket with waistcoat £770, with Vivienne Westwood check trousers £400 from Harvey Nichols


Show: Suzy Bennett - Dancing On Thin Ice, Pleasance Courtyard

Partial to a band T-shirt and Converse, Suzy also knows her way around an LBD. Suzy wears: Black dress £199 House of Fraser, red Jimmy Choo’s £575 Pam Jenkins


Show: Michael Che - 
Cartoon Violence, Assembly Rooms

NewYork-based comedian Michael Che appears laid back but admits to only wearing white T-shirts once. Purple jacket Paul Smith £528 with Duchamp silk bow tie £65. Trousers from Slaters, from £65.


Show: John Robins - Where is my mind?, Pleasance Courtyard John cited Lou Reed as a style hero so I needed something bold. John wears Vivienne Westwood jacket £790 with Slaters Menswear tuxedo trousers (part of suit) from £65.


Show: Phil Ellis – Unplanned Orphan, Underbelly

From finding out he was adopted to his girlfriend leaving him, Phil’s personal pain is our gain. Describing his style as ‘tramp dad’ the only option was a crisp three-piece from Hackett. Phil wears Hackett suit, £8500


Show: Katie Mulgrew: Your Dad’s Not Funny, The Stand Comedy Club

Katie describes her style as vintage with a hint of grunge. Katie Wears: Issa dress from Jane Davidson (from summer sale) £195


Show: Bobby Mair – 
Obviously Adopted, Just The Tonic @ The Tron

The loudest Canadian I have ever met deserved a suit with personality. Bobby wears a Paul Smith suit, £735, with James Smith shirt, £400.