'Edinburgh has sold its soul' - Twitter reacts angrily to Underbelly wristbands controversy

Following news that city centre residents will need permission from a private company to enter and leave their homes on Hogmanay, residents have taken to social media to voice their anger.

Monday, 23rd December 2019, 8:54 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd December 2019, 9:04 pm
Edinburgh's Hogmanay celebrations are world-renowned.

Underbelly, which is organising the Hogmanay street party has told residents that if their property falls within the street party area, which includes Rose Street, Hanover Street and Frederick Street, they will be “entitled to receive up to six resident passes” to access their homes.

This isn't sitting well with many of those living in the Capital, leading to a stream of posts on Twitter slamming the move.

• READ MORE: 'Wristbands required to access your own homes at Hogmanay', Underbelly tells Edinburgh residentsOne angry resident wrote: "Dear @Edinburgh_CC, I’m slightly concerned that you’re letting @FollowTheCow restrict access to my own home on Hogmanay. I pay council tax and as far as I know @FollowTheCow aren’t a government body so they have no right by law to interfere in my private life."

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While another responded: "Total shocking, I still can’t believe this, they should not be allowed to impede on people and their new year festivities in their own homes. Too many people out to fill their pockets."

The fact that something similar had been attempted elsewhere was pointed out by a user who posted: "Not sure if the law is different in Scotland, but Manchester City Council tried something seemingly similar with their Pride event, and it was ruled unlawful by the Local Government Ombudsman."

Angered, another person tweeted: "That’s is a breach of Edinburgh’s citizens human rights and must be challenged and citizens heavily compensated this is not on."

Other tweets described it as "nonsense" with many more saying the move would surely be "illegal".

One poster added: "Don't give Underbelly your money. Go to a local pub. See awesome bands at Whistle Binkies or Stramash. See some spooky cabaret at Banshee Labyrinth. Just chill at The Green Mantle."

Responding to the tweets, Cllr Adam McVey wrote: "To be clear, resident access is maintained during Hogmanay & not limited to 6. Visitor access is not subject to approval & guest passes are available. I’ve spoken to Council Director this morning & @Edinburgh_CC @Edxmas will be clarifying guidance ASAP."