Edinburgh named one of world’s top live music cities

Oblidian playing at a multiband gig in Cabaret Voltaire in 2005. Picture: Cate Gillon
Oblidian playing at a multiband gig in Cabaret Voltaire in 2005. Picture: Cate Gillon
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THERE may be an ongoing debate about the lack of larger live music venues but the Capital has just been named in the world’s top ten live music cities.

A new study compared gigs with the size of 50 areas, and the Capital came in at number 10.

The study found music venues within ten miles of each city listed, then divided them by the square mile urban area.

Researchers also divided the number of gigs by the number of venues to provide a comparable figure there as well.

Each of the resulting metrics, as well as the average cost of a gig, were given a score out of ten.

Each city’s scores were then combined into a weighted index to allow them to be ranked.

Within its 102 square miles, Edinburgh had 248 live music venues, 407 gigs with an average capacity of 1,472.

The average cost of a gig in the Capital was found to be £23.80 – 59p more expensive than in London.

A spokesman for online gambling firm VegasSlots.co.uk which conducted the study said: “The birthplace of one of Scotland’s most famous bands, the Proclaimers, the Scottish Capital has had a huge musical impact, not just in the UK, but globally.

“Nowadays Edinburgh is perhaps known best for its thriving festival scene.”

Topping the chart was Paris, with 273 live music venues hosting 2,016 gigs with an average capacity of 1,560 – packed within 41 square miles.

But it comes at a price, with the average cost of a gig in the French capital setting fans back £39.58 – the most expensive in the top ten.

The Highest UK placing – and third in the global list – went to Liverpool.

The birthplace of the Beatles boasts 370 venues and 502 gigs with a 3,058 capacity in 77 square miles.

The average price of a ticket in the town of historic venues including the Cabin Club and Nation is £24.87.

Completing the UK contingent in the world list are Cardiff at number five and London, narrowly ahead of Edinburgh at number nine.

The Welsh capital has 202 venues, with 396 gigs at a capacity of 1,900 and an average ticket price of £27.20.

London has 4,325 gigs at 1,270 venues.

“For music lovers, nothing can be better than the experience of a live performance,” added the VegasSlots.co.uk spokesman.

“From dingy dive bars to packed-out stadiums, music venues are a fundamental part of any city’s culture.

“Looking at 50 of the biggest cities across the world, we have venues, gigs and their average costs and capacities. This was measured against the square mile area of each city to bring you the best cities for live music in the world.”