Edinburgh Recommends: Is this the best city view?

The view down Advocate's Close. Pic: Toby Williams
The view down Advocate's Close. Pic: Toby Williams
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No-one knows a city better than the people who live and work in it.

The best coffee shops, the best bars, the best independent stores and the best places for brunch.



Guide books are useful for visitors, but for locals it’s word of mouth that gives you the latest and most reliable information.

Over the next 12 weeks, the News will be asking you to recommend your favourite places in the city centre.

We will publish the best of them in the paper every Friday with the top recommendation winning dinner for two, tickets to a show or attraction and £40 of shopping vouchers. Not bad for just telling us what you like!

Each week, in association with This Is Edinburgh – the new campaign that highlights the huge offer in Edinburgh city centre – we will choose a category and ask for your recommendation. All we need is around 50 words. You can add a picture if you like.

We will also be asking for submissions through our website – edinburghnews.com – and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Edinburgh Recommends is an opportunity for Evening News readers to tell us about your favourites.

As well as your choices, we want your comments on what others say – do you agree with the list of best views or best bars? Get in touch.

We also want to open discussion about what is great about Edinburgh city centre, so feel free to start your own categories. See how you can make your selections at the bottom of each page – online, by e-mail, or by post. So get recommending!

The city centre has had a tough time over the last five years with the tram works, economic downturn and growing competition from out-of-town all taking its toll.

Now it’s time to remind ourselves just how great our city centre can be.

This week: best city centre view



Ian Rankin, author: “My favourite view is from the junction of North Castle Street and Young Street, because if you turn round in a wee circle you get a good view of the Castle, a great view of Fife where I’m from, and a terrific view of the Oxford Bar which is usually where I’m going.”


Dave Henniker, 69, lived in Capital all his life: “I love this view of Salisbury Crags taken from Arthur’s Seat because of its atmospheric, ethereal quality. Our inner city volcano is swathed in mist and the tiny figure on the cliff edge gives a sense of scale.”


Jordi Caixàs (@palamospower) picks a gem off the beaten track.

“White Horse Close on the Royal Mile!”


Twitter user ‘Storax Sedan’

(@TheTweet5_0) sent us this picture.

Best view? “From the balcony at the National Museum of Scotland.”


Patrick McPartlin chose the top of the Scott Monument: “On a clear day, you can see right across to the Forth Bridges and to Fife, as well as Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh’s Southside. There are few places right in the city centre that afford such an unobstructed 360-degree view of the whole city. The narrow stairs and the risk of bumping into someone and having to retrace your steps are worth it for the breathtaking panorama at the top.”


Ewan Cowe: “My favourite would have to be this view from Crags. Moved up to Edinburgh ten years ago and still find this the most peaceful place to visit, walk and clear the head after a busy day. Also it is a great viewpoint that encapsulates what Edinburgh is to me . . . home.”


Lawyer Waqqas Ashraf

(@DefenceAgentWA) tweeted a view which perhaps has special memories.

It is of Edinburgh University School of Law.


Andy Jackson (@maroonajambo) tweeted @edinburghpaper his favourite view.

He reckons the vista from Calton Hill takes some beating.


Grant Stott, Forth One DJ: “I was once at a party at the George Hotel, on the roof terrace. It was absolutely fantastic, we were right up over George Street. It is a little hidden gem, it’s one of the most lovely locations I have been in, overlooking George Street and Princes Street.”


Project Quartermile

(@ProjectQM) didn’t have to look far for what they considered the best view.

“It’s right here on North Bridge.”


Councillor Norman Work

(@CllrNormanWork) picked a view which not many will see.

He tweeted: “From the top floor of the City Chambers.”


Scotsman journalist Brian Ferguson (@brianjaffa): “The view of Edinburgh Castle as you walk down Johnston Terrace is never less than epic.”


Edinburgh University student Maeve Weldon, 19, picked looking down Advocate’s Close on the Royal Mile towards the Scott Monument.

“This view of Edinburgh is one of my favourites as its cropped view is a real departure from the popular cityscapes you get from Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill. Although it does not offer a true insight into Edinburgh as a whole, I like the juxtaposition of the two sides of the city; the Old Town looking out on to the New.”

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