Edinburgh’s Christmas price row: Your views

Teh price of Edinburgh's Christmas has come under fire. Pic: Ian Georgeson
Teh price of Edinburgh's Christmas has come under fire. Pic: Ian Georgeson
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THE EVENING News received its biggest ever response to a Facebook post when we shared Katie Campbell’s comments about the price of Edinburgh’s Christmas. Here is a selection of the reaction which we received.

Edinburgh’s Christmas hides Facebook criticism

Diana Hunter: Families are forced to spend the money because they have promised the children a fun day in Edinburgh and then to go there and deny the kids fun because of the prices makes them feel bad.

Jonny Stewart: Making money is life. People pay these prices (you just need to look at the queues for them) – if you don’t agree with the price, simply don’t pay it. Christmas only comes once a year, spread joy, don’t be miserable.

Ken Chan: It’s a disgrace, that the organisers are ripping

people off.

Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones: This was a considered and considerate message from Katie Campbell, not some vicious rant. It’s very bad practice for her message to have been deleted. It should be responded to. And she makes some very valuable criticisms!

Jean Martin: I so agree, there is a huge difference between profit and ripping people off – especially in a place that has so many tourists – what perception do people take from our country?

Alison Edgar Harris: My daughter got me to go on the massive chair thing in St. Andrews Square, it was £7.50 for about

2 mins but was good fun! X

Catherine Bisset: The prices are so high that fewer families will go and the reputation of the event has been tainted in the longer term, which is such a shame. I hope the organisers have learnt their lesson. Christmas markets should get folk in the festive mood and lift their spirits and shouldn’t cause so many people to feel left out and resentful. Epic Fail!

Sharon Cowan: The prices are ridiculous, it is a fantastic day out with the children and really Christmassy but seriously how can anyone justify charging that amount of money for each attraction, If we went we would have to tell our children to choose ONE thing to do which would spoil it for them and us..... Even at that it would cost a small fortune organisers need to get a grip and make it more affordable for all.

Ashley Whitelaw: Love the whole idea of Edinburgh’s Christmas you just need a whack of money to enjoy it especially with 4 kids!! Maybe needing to re evaluate prices!

Andrea Gee: £4 per person for the Santa maze is extortionate.

Nicola Fraser: I found it very disappointing this year also, and put a complaint in writing. No proper walkway, overcrowded, not enough security if your child wandered! Not enough toilets... Yet prices were extortionate. Too many food and drink stalls, to make money! My 5 year old son visited Santas grotto, went to collect his present - A tiny bouncy ball, not even wrapped! Shocking!

Fiona Jack: I found the market had more space between stalls this year which is good for the disabled, elderly and those with kids who worry about crowd crush. If they have to raise the rents to make it safer, then that’s fairly acceptable as a consequence. It’s not even that bad a complaint – the lady has no complaint about the market itself, only about the entertainment side of things. Perhaps the wheel was expensive because it had to make back money for the day it was closed due to high winds. It’s still cheaper than taking that same family to the cinema, and you get a better view.

Ryan Taylor: Nothing quite says Xmas like £4.50 for a Glühwein in a small polystyrene cup. Tragic, and definitely not up to the standard of a Christkindlmarkt.

Jennifer Scougall: Edinburgh residents should be given a discount on all of these events/attractions. Some free tickets to community groups etc. After all we are also paying towards these events through council tax. This would help encourage families and kids to enjoy their city. it’s embarrassing/sad how many kids in Edinburgh don’t go to any of the festivals/attraction/events and the biggest barrier is cost.

Steve Christie: God, stop whining! These attractions have to be paid for, the wheel is bigger and better this year with enclosed cabins so it costs more. You make things bigger and better and guess what, they get more expensive. Personally, I think the market is better this year as you can actually move around for once and the stalls that are there will probably make more money as there are less of them. Stop living in the past and realise that the cost of everything goes up and that includes the Christmas market.

Phil Sword: It might be pricier than usual which is to be expected but it’s a once a year tradition so still can be considered value for money if split over the year. Will be taking my lil ladies over this festive period as it’s about their happiness over a slight cost of one day.

Linda Berry: Comes down to greed, they’ve forgot what were celebrating – Jesus would turn in his grave at these prices.

Philip Stewart: £15 for the two of us to go on the Star Flyer, which goes up and comes straight back down. Must last about 5 minutes in total. They must be making an absolute fortune on that each day!! That goes for all the attractions and stalls as everyone has mentioned. Extremely overpriced! Expect nothing less from Edinburgh though, you have to pay just as much to park at the hospital etc. Like others have mentioned, beyond ridiculous!

James Ridley: I got engaged at the Xmas market this year and love the place. However I would like to say that this statement is absolutely true. After asking nicely to get a carriage on the wheel for only 2 as this is where I wanted to propose I was denied! It wasn’t too busy at that time and IMO was purely to get as many people on as quickly as possible!

Jane Bell: My granddaughter took her son and a friends daughter they were so looking forward to but my granddaughter was so disappointed when she came back she said it was very pricey spoiled it for them.

Rachel Mackay: I totally agree it is far to costly it is only for tourist I have three boys and find the cost disgusting.

Emma Weir: Edinburgh is for the tourists now, they’re not interested in whether the locals can afford it.

Pete Autumntheory: Why don’t they use all of the gardens? I.e., put the market part down near the rail lines and all the big stuff up top near the road... far too many people in such a small place right next to the main road, doesn’t make sense.

Andrew George Burnett: Absolute rip off this year. It was never cheap, but now that it is run by Underbelly and the stall holders are being charged a massively increased fee – to the point that many of the regulars are now in Alnwick instead. I really have no desire to go – despite living only a couple of hundred yards away from it.

Lorna Tannock: It’s a complete disgrace! 2 adults and 2 little ones on wheel and 1 adult and 1 little one on carousel – £36! It then gets worse – 3 marshmallows on a stick dipped in chocolate for £4! £8 for 6 marshmallows!

Leanne McKirdy: I complained on their page about same issue, along with few others, and noticed negative comments being removed. Money, money, money that is all they’re interested in. Sad reality of the commercialisation of Christmas.

Gail Cruise: I am shocked!! I know it’s a few years since I took my kids but the prices are a bit extortionate.

Louise Campbell: It is so expensive – we took our 2 children last year and went home with a few pence out of £150, not wanting to disappoint them. If things were cheaper there would be more people wanting to have more shots. We haven’t gone this year as I would rather spend this extra on a present for them rather than lining the operators pockets. I do realise there is a cost involved to have this event, but it is excluding so many people who can’t afford the cost many of whom live within the city and not just visiting for the day.

John Wyatt: Glad it’s away from the gardens which was pretty scummy, it’s still pretty tacky, prices are a joke, as is the Christmas “festival” running for nearly 6 weeks, created for tourists as usual.

Tanya Waite: There’s less for the children to do but what is there is so expensive. Usually we make a few trips up each year. This year we were there for 2 hours and we won’t be back. Such a pity.

Scott Jack: Really enjoy having the Christmas market here but the fact it cost me £16 to take my 3 children on the carousel for a 5min ride is outrageous!

Carlo Arcari: Like the festival and the tattoo, the Christmas festival is for the tourists and the city centre.

Jennifer Innes: Visited today and thought it was lovely, much less tacky than previous years. Came as “tourists” from across the water in Fife. Found the prices much the same as previous years, but for much better quality. Can’t wait to visit again next week with my wee girl.

Alan Wood: Total rip off. There should be a limit to what you have to pay. Local council reaping the rewards – be cheaper flying to Germany and going to a real Christmas festival. It’s a joke.

Chris Grant: Too expensive and once you’ve been to six stalls you’ve seen them all, too much of the same thing and a total money making exercise from the council. I was disappointed. Bring back the proper German Market!

David McAvoy: Since it is Christmas and the season for giving it should be free so that all people can have some festive cheer.

Laura Mary Young: It’s well over-priced. I was very disappointed this year and witnessed a lot of parents telling disappointed kids they couldn’t ride as it was too expensive. Shocking – families with more than one child need a bank loan!

Laura Tickell: I saved up all of my tips since August, so was looking forward to it. Sadly, it was a big let down. The food is too expensive, the rides are too expensive for all the family to go on and the atmosphere was horrible. Even though I had the money, I grudged handing it over to unenthusiastic staff. A very disillusioned family of four.

Liz Wood: Oh dear. Let’s just have nothing. Bah humbug to you all.