Edinburgh’s Got Talent: ‘I can’t wait to show my dance teacher my routine’

Chloe McClean has been making up her own dance routines since she was nine
Chloe McClean has been making up her own dance routines since she was nine
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DANCER Chloe McClean may be just 12 years old, but she is far from overawed at doing an original performance she has choreographed herself for the Edinburgh’s Got Talent final.

The schoolgirl from Niddrie has been creating her own dance routines since the age of nine. Her act for the Festival Theatre final on October 26 will be set to three rock anthems – Everybody Dance Now, We Will Rock you and Eye of the Tiger.

Chloe said: “My act is going to be like Highland dancing, but it’s going to have a twist. It’s going to be rocky. I think it’s going to rock the stage.

“It’s a new dance and it’s got new music compared to my audition. Not even my dance teacher has seen it yet because I choreographed it myself. I’m looking forward to showing my dance teacher on stage for the first time.”

Her teacher, Debra-Ann Waugh, has been instructing Chloe since the age of three, having once taught the finalist’s mother, Linda.

“I couldn’t have done any of this without my dance teacher,” Chloe said. “She’s the biggest influence to me. She’s like a second mum to be honest.”

Chloe is riding a wave of confidence after her success at the World Highland Dancing Championships in Dunoon in August. She finished second overall in her age category.

“It’s a big privilege to even get a medal,” she said. “To get a trophy is amazing.”

However, nothing compared to her delight at being chosen among the top ten.

Chloe was walking to class when she received a text message from her mother with the good news. “I screamed and one of my teachers told me to settle down,” Chloe said. “I came home and I was just screaming and dancing everywhere.”

The teenager is still able to keep her love for dance in perspective. Last year she chopped off her hair to raise £1200 in sponsorship for local resident Logan Mitchelson, who has been diagnosed with duchenne muscular dystrophy – a genetic, progressive muscle wasting disease.

Chloe said: “My hair was pretty long and it got cut to a bob. I felt like he would appreciate it and he did. He’s a really nice wee boy.”

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