Edinburgh is second most expensive in Europe for New Year

Amsterdam and Edinburgh are the most expensive destinations in Europe for overnight stays on New Year's Eve, according to a new survey.

Thursday, 28th December 2017, 1:21 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th December 2017, 2:39 pm
Edinburgh is the second most expensive destination for New Year revellers. Picture: Jane Barlow

The survey by French website Allovoyages.fr compared the cost of accommodation across 40 popular European locations for the night of 31 December 2017. Only centrally positioned hotels rated at least three stars were considered.

In Amsterdam, a New Year’s Eve reveller will have to spend an average rate of €314 Euros (£278) for the cheapest available double room, making it the priciest European city.

Edinburgh came in second with an average of £260, according to the survey. This equates to a premium of over 200 per cent compared with regular hotel rates in the capital.

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However, the biggest rate hikes for New Year’s Eve were found to be in Prague, where visitors will have to cough up an eye-popping 700 per cent or more, compared with a regular night in the Czech Republic capital. Dublin and London also feature in the Top 10 most expensive cities, with average rates of €220 and €196 Euros respectively for the least expensive double room. 

The following table shows the 10 most expensive destinations in Europe for New Year’s Eve 2017. The rates indicated reflect the price for the cheapest available double room in each destination for 31 December.  A comparison with regular rates appears in brackets, based on average rates during January.

1. Amsterdam €314 Euros (+147%)

2. Edinburgh €293 Euros (+218%)

3. Prague €274 Euros (+697%)

4. Venice €272 Euros (+274%)

5. Vienna €264 Euros (+256%)

6. Budapest €243 Euros (+465%)

7. Dublin €220 Euros (+144%)

8. Milan €207 Euros (+93%)

9. London €196 Euros (+97%)

10. Riga €194 Euros (+361%)