Edinburgh shooting: Police at house before attack

Police look inside bins in Paisley Avenue for evidence after the fatal shooting in nearby Abercorn Avenue. Picture: Neil Hanna
Police look inside bins in Paisley Avenue for evidence after the fatal shooting in nearby Abercorn Avenue. Picture: Neil Hanna
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POLICE officers, including a dog handler, visited a Gracemount home 48 hours before it was targeted in a vandal attack linked to the Willowbrae shooting of Mohammed Abdi.

Detectives believe the house was attacked by the gangsters suspected of shooting dead the 25-year-old in Willowbrae.

The windows of the home in Captain’s Drive were smashed on Saturday night although police have said that firearms did not inflict the damage.

Police confirmed that they had visited the property on Thursday, and that this incident is linked to the shooting.

Meanwhile, a man appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday following the shooting of Mr Abdi at around 1am on Sunday in Abercorn Avenue. Mohamud Mohamud, 29, from London, was charged with a breach of the peace and remanded in custody.

Residents in Captain’s Drive said that officers attended at around 9.30pm on Thursday.

It is understood that the gang thought Mr Abdi could be found at the house, and they may have been hunting for him for at least two days before he was shot.

A Volkswagen Sharan, recovered on Abercorn Avenue after crashing into railings following a chase across the Capital, was spotted in Captain’s Drive on Saturday. Police believe it was later carrying up to “six black men” pursuing Mr Abdi, who was in another car.

Detective Superintendent Gary Flanigan, who is leading the inquiry, said there was a “good chance” that Saturday’s attack in Captain’s Drive escalated into the killing of Mr Abdi.

A resident said: “I was coming home from the bingo on Thursday night when I saw the police.

“Four officers were there along with a police dog and handler. I later heard people saying it was a burglary.”

Neighbours said that two young white women have been renting the property for the last month after a trio of Middle Eastern men moved out around three months ago.

Police returned on Sunday and officers have since been on guard around the clock. Forensic officers have examined the property and nearby gardens.

A police spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that police are investigating an incident in Captain’s Drive last Thursday night and did attend at an address there. This forms part of the inquiry into the death of Mr Abdi.”

Yesterday, the Evening News reported that a man tried to break down the door of a flat belonging to Mr Abdi in Buchanan Street, Leith on the same Thursday. Police raided the flat earlier this month, recovering crack cocaine, and Mr Abdi was charged with drug supply offences.

Mohamud Mohamud appeared in private before Sheriff Donald Corke yesterday. He made no plea or declaration to a charge that he disturbed the peace following an incident in the Willowbrae area on Sunday. Sheriff Corke remanded him in custody. He is expected to reappear in court within the next seven days.

Mohamud was taken into custody after Mr Abdi was found seriously injured nearby.