Edinburgh Twitter: Who was top of the tweets 2013?

Rockstar Games is number one in the city Twitter charts. Picture: Jane Barlow
Rockstar Games is number one in the city Twitter charts. Picture: Jane Barlow
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We take a look at the Edinburgh Twitter charts to list the top 20 accounts.

1. @RockstarGames. Unsurprisingly the city firm behind the massive Grand Theft Auto series of computer games is in at the top of the Edinburgh Twitter tree for the second year running with 2,086,746 followers. The company’s official account has sent out 8871 tweets since April 2009.

2. @Twibbon. Second for the second year running. This account allows people to create their own micro-websites to launch a cause, a brand or an organisation and get others to support it by adding a ribbon to their Twitter profile picture. It’s a free tool and was created by Edinburgh designers and developers Storm Ideas. It has 1,202,533 followers and has tweeted 10,824 times since July 2009.

3. @chrishoy In third place – not where he normally likes to be – is Sir Chris Hoy. The Olympic cyclist has 544,141 followers. He’s tweeted 5065 times since January 2009.

4. @4JStudios. Another computer game firm, this time one based in East Linton where it creates Minecraft for the Xbox 360 – a game which has 33 million players worldwide. Its followers total 376,362 and it has tweeted 2154 times since June 2011.

5. @DaleAThomson. Who?, you may ask. Well this hip hop and grime music producer at Music Comes First and owner of Show Love Don’t Hate Clothing was number five last year too, proving the power of urban music. He has 310,143 followers and has tweeted 39,354 times since April 2009.

6. @RichardWiseman. In sixth place again is the psychologist, author and magician with 127,461 followers. The author of The Luck Factor has tweeted 20,147 times since January 2009.

7. @TheQueerGuy. This is the account of Rosco Robertson, who describes himself as a photographer, creative head, big thinker, gin drinker, fundraiser and runner. He has 121,318 followers and has tweeted 96,884 times since joining Twitter in January 2010.

8. @twirlyswirly. Moving up two places from last year, this account is held by videomaker and video game reviewer Nilsey. Despite declaring himself a “slacker” he has 62,467 followers and he’s tweeted 5523 times since June 2009.

9. @ukbusinessnet is up two places this year. The company which helps firms with their social media marketing has 61,118 followers. It has tweeted 9018 times since July 2011.

10. @Scotland team is up one this year. The official Twitter feed of the Scottish rugby team and national Scottish rugby news has 60,997 followers. It has tweeted 13,988 times since February 2010.

11. @edfringe. It’s either been a bad year for the official Edinburgh Fringe Festival Twitter account falling three places, or a better one for those above it. It now has 59,284 followers and has tweeted 8171 times since March 2009.

12. @GeneralSplendid. A fine Twitter handle from film, games and technology blogger Stuart McDonald who has 51,309 followers and he stays in the same chart place as he did last year. He’s tweeted 3918 times since May 2009.

13. @TedGlobal. This is a Twitter account for the international conference website where the “world’s leading thinkers and doers” share their ideas. TedGlobal 2013 took place in Edinburgh this year. Next year’s is in Copacabana so it may fall in the chart. It has 49,115 followers and has tweeted 1671 times since February 2009.

14. @TomKitchin. The first household name on the list. The Leith-based Michelin-starred chef, pictured, is up one place on last year and has 42,212 followers. Which if they all showed up at once would make getting a table in his restaurant quite tricky. He’s tweeted 8386 times since May 2011.

15. @EDI_Airport. The official Twitter feed for the city’s international airport has 38,076 followers and has tweeted 1732 times – there are a lot about weather – since May 2009.

16. @mediamuppet. This is the official Twitter feed for MediArgh, a website which does what it says on the tin, offering jobs and paid internships in the media throughout the UK. Owner Billy Dowling-Reid, who lives in Edinburgh, also blogs practical advice. It’s moved up two places and has 38,975 followers and has tweeted 12,724 times since June 2009.

17. @networking4uk. A networking site which is a new entry to the top 20 with 35,427 followers, has tweeted 4548 times since July 2010.

18. @dancommator. Down one place since last year this is digital marketing and business strategy consultant Daniel Easterbrook’s Twitter feed. He’s based in London and Melbourne as well as Edinburgh, has 34,556 followers and has tweeted about digital trends 6540 times since November 2008.

19. @fruitmarket. The Market Street gallery has 32,860 followers and has tweeted 
2795 times since February 2009.

20. @cymruambyth. A Wrexham/Edinburgh hybrid with this brand new entry. This feed belongs to Welsh IT engineer and guitarist Josh O’Brien who now works in the Capital. He has 32,667 followers and has only tweeted 246 times since his account opened in June 2011.