Edinburgh University club has rare car and go-cart stolen

The stolen Vauxhall Nova. Picture: University of Edinburgh
The stolen Vauxhall Nova. Picture: University of Edinburgh
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MEMBERS of a university sports club have been left stunned after two rare vehicles were stolen from their lock-up over the New Year.

Thieves broke through a series of locks to make off with a Vauxhall Nova and go-kart belonging to the Edinburgh University Motor Sport Club.

The incident is believed to have taken place at the garage on Peffermill Road between 7pm on December 30 and 10am on January 4.

It is feared that the thieves plotted the theft after watching members carry out work on vehicles.

The blue Nova, which is not roadworthy, has been with the club for many years and has been extensively modified to include a metal panel with three-switch ignition, racing seats, a large black vertical handbrake and Perspex windows.

It also has a rear registration plate reading JUNIOR.

The high-performance go-kart, which the club acquired two years ago to offer practice runs and take a more active part in the British Universities Karting Championships, has a silver frame.

Jonathan Chow, president of the Edinburgh University Motor Sport Club, said he was disappointed by the incident.

He said: “The Nova was the car for auto testing, low-speed, low-budget, time-trialled events where you drive your car around the course. It’s been with the club for at least 15 years now. There have been a lot of members from different generations who have worked on it. It’s not worth a lot, money-wise, but sentimentally it was very important.”

The club, which has around 40 members, aims to get university students and young people into motor sports in a cost-effective way.

It offers different disciplines, including karting, auto testing and navigational rallying.

Mr Chow added: “Speculation is that they probably knew what was in the lock-up, because there are other garages and it was only ours that was targeted.

“The last time the lock-up was broken into was more than a decade ago. The security of the place is something that we will look into. This time, we had four locks, three of which were completely broken.”