Edinburgh weather: Warning over thunderstorms

Warnings have been issued over heavy rain. Picture: Rob McDougall
Warnings have been issued over heavy rain. Picture: Rob McDougall
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Scotland and the Lothians are bracing themselves for more violent thunderstorms over the next few days.

Warnings of localised flooding have been issued as the ground, parched and bone dry by almost three weeks of warm weather, will be unable to rapidly absorb torrential rain that is forecast.

In places several inches of rain is expected to fall within a few hours.

The heavy thunderstorms that hit Edinburgh and the Lothians over the last few days since the weather broke are expected to return and could last into Saturday

#Police Scotland has advised motorists to take extreme caution when driving in the Central Belt.

They have been advised to take extra care and reduce speeds to suit wet conditions.

Inspector Donald Chisholm of the traffic unit said : “With a long spell of dry weather, dust and pollen may have built up on the roads and with heavy rain can make surfaces very slippery and almost like ice”

Despite the thundery and wet conditions temeratures are expect to remain in the low 20s centigrade.

A Met Office spokesman said: “ Few areas are going to escape violent thunderstrorms over the next day or two.

“Flash flood warnings have already been issued and it is going to be decidedly grim, although temperatures should remain around average for the time of the year”