Assurances demanded over National exams

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MSPs have demanded assurances from the Scottish Government that pupils in the Capital will not be penalised amid fears over chaos in schools’ preparation for the new National exams.

The calls came after it emerged Edinburgh high schools were among those considering whether to delay the introduction of the new Highers because of problems with the Nationals, which have replaced Standard Grades.

Union leaders said preparations had been “shambolic”, with some schools forced to delay prelims until a month before the final exam.

The first pupils are due to sit their Nationals in April next year.

Kezia Dugdale, Scottish Labour’s education spokeswoman, said: “What these concerns reflect is that, once again, Mike Russell and the SNP simply plough ahead with their reforms regardless of the warnings they receive or the concerns they hear.”

A Scottish Government spokeswoman insisted that “excellent” progress was being made in delivering the qualifications.