Drunk couple performed sex act on school grounds

The couple were spotted near Ross High School. Picture: Bill Henry
The couple were spotted near Ross High School. Picture: Bill Henry
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AN amorous couple performed a sex act in front of shocked children – in the grounds of a school.

Karen Cosgrove was spotted by kids as young as nine-years-old performing a sex act on Kevin Connolly in the grounds of a high school, in Tranent, East Lothian.

The couple’s outdoor liaison was interrupted by two teenagers who were out looking for their young brother and called police after catching them in the act.

Cosgrove and Connolly, both from Tranent, pleaded guilty to a charge of public indecency by Cosgrove performing a sexual act on Connolly on 28 June 2013 at Ross High School, Tranent, during an appearance at Haddington Sheriff Court.

Depute procurator fiscal Brent Bissett told the court Cosgrove, 35, and Connolly had been drinking heavily before witnesses caught the couple in the act just yards from a group of youngsters who were playing in the school’s playing fields.

Mr Bissett said: “A witness who was worried her young brother was not home spotted a male and a female lying on the grass approximately 20 metres from a group of children.

“The [18-year-old] witness observed them rolling about on the grass, laughing loudly.

“The group of young children also witnessed this and began laughing. The children were then quickly moved out of the park, and subsequently the police were contacted.”

Mr Bissett added the passionate pair “had not looked towards the children, albeit it was in the middle of a playing field”.

Connolly’s defence agent Paul Smith said “both accused were clearly drunk” and alcohol had been “a problem” in the past for his 35-year-old client.

While Cosgrove’s solicitor David Cairns told the court his client’s “inhibitions were lowered” after consuming the alcohol.

Mr Cairns added Cosgrove was “extremely embarrassed and extremely ashamed” by the whole episode.

Sheriff Donald Ferguson said: “This was absolutely disgraceful behaviour and the court take a very dim view of this

“This sort of thing should not happen with young children present in the area.

“There was a high degree of public nuisance here, but it does not fall within that [sex offenders register] act.”

Sheriff Ferguson fined Cosgrove £335 and Connolly, who only pleaded guilty at yesterday’s trial diet, received a fine of £540, with £100 attributed to a bail aggravation.