Edinburgh Uni fraternity spoke of ‘raping trip’

Yale University. Picture: Getty
Yale University. Picture: Getty
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STUDENTS at a prestigious fraternity at Edinburgh University have been condemned after leaked minutes from a meeting told how they suggested going on a “raping trip”.

The Edinburgh chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity – the only UK “colony” branch of the US ‘frat house’ – is under fire for a string of offensive comments which include proposing to rape members of the university’s feminist society.

The fraternity – founded at Yale University in the America is one of the nation’s oldest and boasts former US president George Bush among its alumni It could now face punishment from the Edinburgh University’s Students’ Association (EUSA) over the damning minutes from their meeting.

According to the minutes, during discussion of the “Feminists” agenda item, a member of the fraternity suggested organising a game of paintball to “calm the waters” between the societies.

Another member vetoed the motion to which the proposer responded: “How are we going to rape them?”

A second member then said: “Let’s go to Montenegro, for a raping trip.”

A senior student representative said EUSA was “appalled” and had alerted the university.

Eve Livingston, vice president of societies & activities at EUSA, said: “We are shocked and appalled by the contents of the leaked minutes and our priority is absolutely the welfare and safety of our students. As of this morning I have raised the issue with the University Secretary as a breach of the Code of Student Conduct and a potential criminal offence, and I await an official response from the university.

“Students have my assurance that finding and disciplining those responsible for these unacceptable comments and threats will remain a top priority until this is resolved.

“I will always prioritise student welfare and safety and continue to work on campaigns around sexual harassment and lad culture as well as supporting our liberation groups in their very important activity.”

Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE-AS) is the only British outpost of the 170-year-old American society, which claims to have 44,000 “brothers” across the US.

The revelations come less than one week after American frat leaders confirmed the Edinburgh “colony” as a chapter in the fraternity.

Five former US Presidents were members of the society, including Theodore Roosevelt, as well as an extensive roll of celebrated businessmen and public figures.

In a statement, the Feminist Society urged Edinburgh University to take disciplinary action those involved.

A member said “We plan to take further action on this issue to make sure the Frat cannot continue to operate on this campus,” it said.

“The fact this type of behaviour is acceptable to a group of students, and it was even recorded in official minutes, is a clear example of how rampant sexism and misogyny exists in our everyday surroundings, and we must fight it. We stand for a campus which does not tolerate inequality, hate speech, harassment, or assault in any form.”