Education chiefs delay answer on restructure

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EDUCATION chiefs are being accused of “struggling to answer” key questions about a massive management re-structure which is being introduced throughout the Capital’s secondary schools.

Members of the council’s education committee have been demanding details to back up claims that the shake-up – which has scrapped the role of principal teachers – has educational benefits, but are still waiting for the information months down the line.

Councillors were expecting a full report on the issue to be presented to them in time for an education committee meeting this week but have now been told the information has been delayed by a further two months.

This has sparked criticism amongst members, as well as claims that the delay is because education bosses do not have the figures to back up their argument.

Education leader Marilyne MacLaren said a report was set to go to the committee but she was not satisfied that it provided enough information.

She said: “This is nonsense politicking. Further information is being sought from local authority areas where the management structure is already in place. This will help produce a more comprehensive report.”