Labour politicians withdraw report on high school talks

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A REPORT produced by three Labour politicians following a public meeting to discuss the best way forward for the new Portobello High School has been scrapped.

MP Sheila Gilmore, Kezia Dugdale MSP and Councillor Maureen Child withdrew the report on Thursday following criticism from parents and residents who attended the meeting in Portobello Town Hall last month.

Many of them argued that the report was not an accurate reflection of the weight of opinion expressed on the night.

Ms Gilmore said: “In response to the criticisms of the report we produced that attempted to marshal the comments made at the meeting, we have withdrawn the report. In addition, it is no longer available on any of our websites.

“This action has been taken following the recognition that the methodology underpinning the way it was written up was deeply flawed, and for this we are sorry.”